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Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo Asean Tools Expo

The global hand tools market size was valued at $22,200.0 million in 2019, 28.8% in Asia-Pacific and there is forecast that it will grow 3.5% of CAGR constantly in 2025. While in Thailand, the market size is more than $161 Million and growing every year because the hand tools are important to various industries, like transportation, vehicle, rail work, building and construction, metal work, plumbing work, electrician work, repair work, carpentry etc.

Therefore, ASEAN Tools Expo, the Southeast ASEAN trade fair for hardware and hand tools is organized to deliver the innovation, technology and opportunity of the tools to industries, business and users. There are many products and innovation to apply and improve the quality and performance of the industries to create more efficient production while gathering the chance to meet and explore new angles of tools and hardware with numerous event’s highlights, such as business matching, seminars, conference, showcase and activities.

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